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Dear Pilates Plus Client,

Welcome to our new website! We are ecstatic to share this step forward with you as we transition into a more sustainable and soon-to-be paperless establishment. Please take the time to go over and understand our new terms and guidelines for a seamless transition into the new system we’ve built for you!

Guidelines on BOOKING your session through the website:
  1. All clients must sign up and create an account on the website.

  2. Appointments can only be set through the website by the clients themselves. One account per client. This means that clients must book their own sessions through their own accounts.

  3. Clients can book appointments (upon approval) up to 6 hours before the desired time slot.

  4. Once approved, clients will be sent a confirmation email. All approved sessions are considered CONFIRMED.

  5. Confirmed sessions can be only cancelled up to 24 hours before the time slot.

  6. For packages, validity is only up to 6 months.

  7. When rescheduling bookings that are already paid, kindly disregard the payment details.

  8. Whether the client makes it to the session on time, late, or not at all, once the hour is up, the session will be counted as a COMPLETED session.

Guidelines for the SESSION proper:
  1. Clients are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before their session.

  2. Tardiness does not constitute a session extension. Clients are entitled only to the specific time slot confirmed

  3. Furthermore, instructors are not obligated to conduct the session if the client is late for more than 20 minutes.

  4. For duets or group sessions, instructors will proceed whether the group is complete or not.


*In some cases, the instructor will wait and work with you for the remaining time. However, This solely up to his/her discretion. In either in case, you will be charged in full for the session.

Studio Decorum
  1. Please come in athletic wear that will allow you to move freely without restricting your movements.

  2. We suggest you wear sleeved shirts, leggings, and socks. But, you are welcome to wear anything that lets you move the way you want to.

  3. Grip socks are not required and regular socks will do just fine. But for hygienic purposes, we do require clients to wear a  clean pair of socks at the studio.

  4. Put your mobile phones on silent mode.

  5. Should you need to take urgent calls, we encourage you to take them outside so as not to disturb the other clients at the  studio.

  6. Please don't forget your face mask and QR Code. No QR, no entry.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to Redefining Your Spine!



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