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Marketing Officer
Office Support
Job Description

The Marketing Officer is the focal point for all marketing and Promotional initiatives of the company, with the objective of communicating store and/or brand awareness to target consumers.

Key Responsibilities

1. Prepares an annual marketing program for each store.
2. Executes the marketing program.
3. Focal point for all promotions e.g. corporate/institutional tie-ups, setting up and monitoring of customer loyalty programs, special events and sale promotions.
4. Prepares advertising and promotional materials.
5. Assists in determining the brands and the different products that the store will carry.
6. Monitors the sales performance of each store and each sales staff.
7. Prepares monthly reports for sales and product category.
8. Focal point for all marketing initiatives.

Skills Requirements

1. Passionate for learning, genuinely service-oriented and a real people person.
2. With excellent communication and strong leadership skills.
3. Computer literate and with knowledge in desktop layout softwares.

Please send your resume to this email:
Subject: (Last Name, First Name) - Marketing Officer
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