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Sales and Inventory Officer
Office Support
Job Description

The Sales and Inventory Officer is the focal point for all Product Inventory and Sales Report of the company. The SIO shall also monitor the sales performance of each store and of each sales staff.

Key Responsibilities

1. Updates daily sales information.
2. Custodian of Supplier Invoices.
3. Manage office supplies stock, place orders and prepare inventory report.
4. Assist in determining the brands and different products that the stores will carry.

Skills Requirements

1. Positive attitude
2. Strong interpersonal skills
3. Team player
4. Ability to effectively manage time and prioritize multiple responsibilities.
5. Self-motivated and has ability to excel with minimum supervision.
6. Ability to work well with co-workers in a team environment.

Please send your resume to this email:
Subject: (Last Name, First Name) - Sales and Inventory Officer
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