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Finance and Procurement Officer
Office Support
Job Description

The Finance and Procurement Officer is the focal point for all Account payables, payroll transactions, employees' incentives, and company supplies. Completes payments and controls expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices in an efficient, timely and accurate manner.

Key Responsibilities

1. Responsible for all account payables including preparation of BIR 2307 form and vouchers/documents for issuance of check payments, ensuring the accounts with the suppliers are paid on time, updated and reconciled.

2. Establish and monitor the implementation of the policies for Petty Cash.

3. Prepares and computes payroll for the company, transacts with the bank with payroll payments.

4. Focal point for all stores and office supplies. Prepares requisition of needed supplies from accredited suppliers.

5. Inputs all entries into the different accounting departments (e.g. charging of expenses)

6. In charge of payments to different supplier's mode of remittances; e.g. collectors, bank deposits and transmittal by courier.

7. Responsible for the computation of company incentive program.

8. In charge of upkeep and storage of supplier's invoices and documents.

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